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We believe in American manufacturing. Everything we sell is domestically produced, most of it in the Boston area. The “on-shoring” movement is growing and we are proud to be a part of it.

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Mariner Pants with Belt

Simple and Interesting

Making things simple is easy. Making things interesting is also easy. Making them simple and interesting is a challenge. It is a process of combining uncommon elements and designing by subtraction.

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Simple designs evoke mid-century aesthetics and enhance functionality. Osmium’s Mobius buckle is a unique new buckle concept – printed in 3D metal. Adjustable at both ends, interchangeable and completely different.

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Mobius Buckles



Conductor Detail

Build in Quality

Osmium is part of a quality revolution. A cultural shift towards garments of lasting value that enhance our lives and become more precious with age. A return to the values of our heritage – utility, durability and lasting style.

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Easy to Wear

Osmium flows from day to evening, weekday to weekend. Pants easily transition from work to dinner; shirts can be dressed up with a tie, or untucked for ease. A vest can dress it up or feel relaxed.

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Zach on Bench



Some History…

Osmium was created in 2012 by Mark Paigen, a refugee from the outdoor/footwear industry. In 1989, Paigen started Chaco Sandals, purveyor of the best sport sandals on the planet. Chaco’s rabid, cult-like following was focused on the incredibly high quality of the sandals as well as the level of biomechanical comfort, an element that was not available in other footwear. In 2009, Paigen sold Chaco to Wolverine Worldwide, in 2012 he launched Osmium.

Spring 2014 –  Osmium’s offering is high quality menswear. Truely great clothing for guys who look twice and buy once. Footwear is in development with a limited offering expected to be available in the fall of 2014.

Name Story…

Osmium, the rarest and densest element, inspires our clothing – uncommon, elemental and enduring.

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